Shipwrecked! Then Jungle Hunt!

Jungle Hunt! An Epic Quest For A Lost City Starring Our Intrepid Heroes And Their Train Of Ducklings: Session Eighteen

The Shining Lights and Dark Treachery of the Big(ish) City

With Kibi to guide us, we arrive easily at the Shrunken Head. There’s some dancing girls, who interest Felix until he is forcibly reminded about Sasha’s existence. We also easily spot Cheiton, by assuming that he is the most badass looking dwarf in the place. We introduce ourselves and are ready to get our drink and our talk on, but he says that we should go to his place before we start talking seriously since it will be more secure.

The little street girl, Kibi, seems to be following us. We’re a little suspicious, so we bring her along, but she takes off as soon as she gets a chance. Imogen sets Aiden to watch and grab her if she comes back so that we can figure out who she’s reporting to. Cheiton says that he’ll let us rest while he gathers supplies.

Later he warns us about all the creepy tribes we might encounter. Many of them will likely want to kill or eat us. We believe ourselves to be fairly well prepared for that by our past experience, but we appreciate the warning anyway. Before we leave, we try to find Kibi so we can figure out who she’s reporting to. But we can’t find he, so we just leave right away and hope for the best.

As we’re walking along the river just after nightfall, the path narrows and we trigger a Glyph of Warding. Ambushing occurs and Imogen ends up paralyzed and therefore is a target for Vakeese’s Color Spray, which leads to unconsciousness. Vakeese feels bad and almost heals her, but she doesn’t want anyone to see her healing, so it doens’t end up happening. Apparently, Kibi’s little trinkets just mark us as tourists and suckers.

Moving on from the ambush, we follow the river all the way to the Lake of Vanished Armies. Our map says that the treasure is in a sunken ship in the middle of the lake. Felix and Imogen are certain that it’s worth a day of our time to go out and recover it. But, of course, there’s some monster named Aomak in the lake and we’ll probably have to fight it. The villagers are nervous for us, but we go out to fight anyway.

It turns out that Aomak is really big, like not fighting any more big, and we get attacked by one of its spawn. The spawn is more that sufficient. It’s definitely dangerous enough to have kept the locals away from the treasure for years. But we defeat it and get on board the ship. And while we’re searching the ship for treasure, we don’t even get attacked or fall through any floor boards. Yay! It’s so nice not to be on Smuggler’s Shiv anymore. And there’s lots of treasure. Also yay!

After the treasure finding, we head into hostile territory. So we’re woken up one morning, just after we’ve set up camp, by some nasty archers. But we kill them all. They hate humans just like Old Man Caloway does, so we save him some very nifty arrows.



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