Shipwrecked! Then Jungle Hunt!

Jungle Hunt! An Epic Quest For A Lost City Starring Our Intrepid Heroes And Their Train Of Ducklings: Session Nineteen

Which Begins With A Discussion Of Baby Hippo Pit Fighting And Ends In Sorrow

We follow the river north into the jungle, still following the route to Tazion and almost immediately see a herd of hippos in the river. There is a brief discussion about the possibilities of Vakeese using a Murderous Command to start a baby hippo pit fighting ring, but we decided to move on instead. Then some lizardfolk hunters spot us from across the river and stampede a hippo at us.

Two of the lizardfolk end up drowned and unconscious pretty much right away and Vakeese hangs the third one up to ask him what they were thinking. Imogen ends up unconscious in the river, being bitten by a hippo. This is muddy and annoying. We drive off the hippos and realize we shouldn’t bother questioning the last lizardfolk because he doesn’t speak any of our languages. So we scare him a lot and decide not to chase him down and burn his village.

Five days later we are attacked by a freaking gorilla that does magic. Imogen and Aiden get scared away, leaving Felix and Vakeese to will power their way through the situation. The two of them manage to take down the gorilla, but then a shadow demon rises out of the body. This is problematic. Vakeese remembers that her shrunken monkey head is supposed to be good for getting rid of this kind of things. She has to dig it out, so Felix is temporarily left on his own to distract the demon.

Felix is not quite a good enough distraction for a demon this tricky, and it is able to shoot off a Fireball which kills Mr. Bitey and leaves Donket dying. Vakeese forgets all about the fetish and charges the demon. So Felix has to go grab the fetish and try to touch the demon. Unfortunately, that takes all his attention so he can’t heal Vakeese before she dies from the demon’s Lightning Bolt.

The next morning Felix casts Speak With Dead so that we can try to figure out if Vakeese wants to be resurrected. But she doesn’t. So we bury her with her captain’s hat and her starknife.

So we’re walking slowly and sadly away from Vakeese’s grave when a giant bat comes out of nowhere and says, “Hello.” We all freak out a bit because we didnt’ know that bats could talk. But then in lands and it turns out that the bat is being ridden by a halfling and he’s the one who does the talking. He’s a bit sarcastic like and doesn’t seem to be working for any of our competitors. He introduces himself as Queda from Osiron and asks if he can come along. We are swayed by his nature skills as we’ve noticed some difficulty in that aspect since Old Man Caloway left us.



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