Shipwrecked! Then Jungle Hunt!

Found City! We Found Saventh-Yhi And We Are Getting All Indiana Jones Up In Here: Session Twenty-Five

New Friends And A New Location In No Way Lower The Number Of Wacky Shenanigans

The stress of being totally unable to read the magic map which should get us to our ultimate goal appears to be too much for our dear Aiden Abbott. He sneaks off and heads back to his more native city. Felix, Imogen, Canan and Queequay have a ridiculous argument about where the city may be. Apparently our ignorance of geography is frustrating to our previously unknown watcher.

An elven wizard bursts into the room, yells at us until we become less suspicious of her being evil and introduces herself as Purna. She also tells us how to get to Saventh-Yhi. That’s some useful skills. So, following her directions, we trek through the jungle for a bit and find ourselves overlooking the formerly lost city of Saventh-Yhi.

Purna divines that this will not be the safest place for us to enter the city, so we wander through the jungle some more. Canan and Queequay note a dinosaur in the distance and take off to hunt it down. The rest of us are a little baffled, but we wish Canan Van Singer the best in his big game hunting ways.

As we’re walking around the outside of the city, we see a campfire in the dark. We approach and encounter Goroth, Thain of the Grogslayer Tribe, Seeker of the Fabled Platinum City, Bearer of the Golden Plate and Slayer of 10,000 Kobolds, a mighty 1/2 orc or 1/3 or possibly 1/4 orc. Goroth is a loudly friendly fellow and there are drinks all around. He got lost searching for more kobolds to kill, but is also interested in the possibility of killing monkeymen.

Once we get our drink on, there is some bawdy singing. Foolish monkeys try to drown us out, but we win.

The next day, as we’re hacking along a trail into the city, we get caught up to by our Free Captain friends. The labor that Kassata brought along will do the hard work of clearing the trail and we are more than willing to allow them. Felix takes the time to hang out with Sasha if you know what I mean and the rest of us take a short, but well-deserved rest. The main party gets set up in a good campsite to wait for the results of our exploration. We pick up the paved road and make our way into the city.

We’re on a rope bridge when some aggressive flying lizards come at us. Imogen learns to beware of combustible terrain when Purna almost lights the bridge on fire. Goroth throws one of them off a cliff and rides it down to the river below. The other two try to flee, but Felix manages to cripple one so that it falls off the cliff and dies anyway.

Then we have to get Goroth out of the river before he drowns. Felix casts Blessing of Fervor so we can get our hurry up on. A rope is lowered. Imogen gets quite wet. Basically, there’s a lot of nonsense and shenanigans and it turns out that while Felix can hold a rope with wet Imogen on it, he can’t quite lift Goroth’s weight. Luckily, Goroth manages to save himself and the rope.

Later that evening, Purna uses Arcane Eye and saw some crazy ghost ants up ahead, so we wake up in the morning and prepare. Generally, we would be cautious as we approach, but Goroth kind of charges ahead. Axes do not have an effect on the first ant we see, but Goroth’s gauntlets can produce magical fire. That’s an interesting discovery. So is the ghostly half-orc that lives with the ants. But we fight him and steal his treasure. Go us!



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