Shipwrecked! Then Jungle Hunt!

Jungle Hunt! An Epic Quest For A Lost City Starring Our Intrepid Heroes And Their Train Of Ducklings: Session Twenty-One

Significant Attention Is Payed To The Well-Being Of Attractive And Scantily Clad Young Ladies

About one week later we arrive at a ruined city which was apparently once called Liclac. Along the way, we’ve met up with the mighty hunter known as Canan Van Singer. In Liclac there’s some discussion about Van Singer’s name and whether or not Felix can create donuts. Then a bell rings in the ruins and tries to affect our will power. We all stand strong, but one of our buccaneers is hit by whatever it is and wanders off. We follow him, figuring that we’ll be led to the people responsible.

They are dirty, gnome-like things that have painted their faces to look like skulls. They can enlarge themselves, but they still aren’t very scary. We kill them quickly and easily. Then we figure out that they were filthy spriggan headhunters who used their magic bell to try to catch prey. We disapprove of them.

Four days later, the river widens and becomes fast and shallow. We see four Zenj women bathing in the river, and Imogen quickly ensures that Felix makes a fool of himself just in case, because she likes Sasha. Luckily, water is Felix’s one weakness. After all that silliness, one of the women introduces herself as Zakiyya and invites us to their home for a dinner of fish, frog legs and wild rice. Zakiyya explains that they are spirit dancers, priestesses who can awaken a person’s spirit totem.

Felix is very concerned about the mental well-being of such attractive young ladies, even after being reminded about Sasha, so he studies the three other young women and determines that they’re enchanted. He tells Imogen and asks if he should gamble with Zakiyya for their freedom. By the time they tell Aiden what they’re plotting, he’s already figured it out and is trying to flirt one of them to freedom.

We try to talk around it for a bit, but eventually Zakiyya orders the other three girls to attack us. She starts by dominating Imogen, the bitch. Luckily Felix was prepared to Dispel Magic today. But then it turns out that she and her friends have a lot of little tricks like that, so Imogen is pretty much out of the fight.

We almost kill her anyway, but then she teleports away, leaving behind a babau. Imogen had actually managed an attack and left her bleeding, so a little while later she dies and the other girls start helping us to get rid of the demon. It takes forever to kill, but we eventually get it done.

The three girls explain that Zakiyya was a succubus who tricked them into accepting her profane gifts. They are very grateful to be freed from her domination and offer to dance for us to reveal our totem spirits. We agree. Imogen gets a panther, Felix a rhinoceros, Aiden a lemur and Canan a water buffalo. Canan does not want to be inked and he can’t keep the spirit totem anchored to him without a tattoo, so he chooses against it. But the rest of us get ours, Imogen has it inked into her sleeve.

Then we rest with them before heading off on the last jaunt toward Tazion.



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