Shipwrecked! Then Jungle Hunt!

Found City! We Found Saventh-Yhi And We Are Getting All Indiana Jones Up In Here: Session Twenty-Six

Very Large Things Are Very Hungry And Also Very Unpleasant

Because aggressive flying lizards are not annoying enough; giant crocodiles exist. Imogen does not appreciate being eaten by a gargantuan freaking lizard, although at least she was too dead to remember most of it. Luckily, Felix has a scroll of Raise Dead, so she is quickly returned to the land of the living. Death bonus – drinking contest with the Divine Bro means no longer being drunk!

The next day we wander down the hill to the skull and skeleton decorated hut that Purna had previously scouted out. We can see a treasure pile inside, but we get distracted by some monstrous, lizardy dudes trying to claw us up before we can investigate. The lure of treasure is so strong that Imogen pretty much cuts one of them in half, and Goroth tears a leg off of one and uses it to beat another one to death. Then Imogen knocks one unconscious with the flat of her sword just for fun as Felix and Purna smack around the remnants. These lizardy dudes are very unlucky. And the loot inside turns out to be the real deal. It’s a good day so far.

We move further in toward the city and end up at the edge of the large lake. We can see the ziggurat that indicates the trade district, but closer to our current location we notices a mysteriously muted, pentagonal building. It is also mysteriously free of vegetation.

Approaching the building, we find it to be somewhat occupied by some hostile ghosts. But Purna’s Ectoplasmic Fireball leaves them easily defeated. Imogen goes diving in the submerged lower levels and finds some treasure. Yay!

Then we head toward the ziggurat, unfortunately we find that the way is blocked although we do notice that there’s a cavern underneath. We decide to approach that way, and discover a gargantuan bat. Imogen almost gets swallowed again, but manages to avoid it with a little help. Namely, Goroth rides the bat and it’s epic.

Once the bat is defeated we are able to find a way into the ziggurat from this cavern. There’s not much left there, but we do figure out how to activate the Spear of Commerce. Of course, being better at appraising things is not that useful to us right now. We sleep safely in the ziggurat and head out to investigate the last major structure in the district first thing in the morning.

As soon as we walk through the door, we encounter three chimera. Purna almost dies right off the bat because she is not very dodgey. But in the end we triumph, as usual. By the time we’re ready to leave the merchant district, Goroth has added the title “Cheater of Two Certain Deaths” to his name.



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