Shipwrecked! Then Jungle Hunt!

Jungle Hunt! An Epic Quest For A Lost City Starring Our Intrepid Heroes And Their Train Of Ducklings: Session Twenty-Three

In Which We Are Not Menaced By An Ever-Increasing Number Of Monkey Men

We follow a path from the aqueduct the next day which leads to a temple in the center of the city. Inevitably, there’s a trap which we thankfully notice and which Von Savage shoots to set off while no one can be hurt. Having loudly announced our presence, we proceed to the interior.

On the other side of the temple area we are faced with a very large tar pond. There are wooden bridges crossing the area that seem to have been deliberately build, if not by humans. Aiden prepares to step onto the first walkway when suddenly the dudes notice that something is wrong and monkey men start shrieking and throwing things at us. The fight which ensues, ends the same way they all do – monkey men running in terror and us killing them.

Then we walk into a chamber where the monkeys have captured three human tribes people. They dip them in tar and burn them alive to make them shed their skins in honor of Ydersius. This is twisted. We offer to let them leave, because we’re bored of fighting them, but they don’t believe us. So we kill them easily and free the people they had captured. Those guys are, for some reason, terrified of the monkey men so they immediately flee through the area we’ve already cleared.

We approach the last somewhat intact chamber and some monkey men flee at out approach. But the one inside the creepy, snake-themed room in question seems to have a little backbone and prepares to fight us. He also appears to be a spell caster and has a large snake to assist him. Felix prepares to Counterspell and Aiden throws a little Glitterdust into the mix. Canan focuses on the snake and Imogen on the caster. Unfortunately, there’s some confusion and Imogen accidentally cuts up her armor a bit. With all of that going on, it’s actually little Aiden Abbott who strikes the final blow.

It’s all made worth it with the loot which includes and mysterious and obviously important gem stone.

The next day we head for the zigguraut and try to go in through the slightly sunken doors. When we open them we find out that the monkey, me avoided this area for a very good reason – giant freaking wasps. They are nasty and sting and Imogen loses dexterity before they can be killed. Inside the zigguraut, we find a chamber filled by a giant wasp hive. We waffle around too much when trying to decide what to do with it and a queen wasp climbs out of the hive and proceeds to lay down some stinger on us. More loss of dexterity for Imogen, but overall the situation is fairly handily resolved.



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