Shipwrecked! Then Jungle Hunt!

Jungle Hunt! An Epic Quest For A Lost City Starring Our Intrepid Heroes And Their Train Of Ducklings: Session Twenty-Two

We All Learn Something About Exploring Abandoned Cities

We arrive in what’s left of Tazion and it’s not much. There’s a gap in the wall that we start to climb through, and we’re nearly caught in a snare. Lucky Felix sees it and Imogen disarms it and we find ourselves in possession of a barbed net.

Looking in from the wall, we see the remains of a small tower. It’s a pretty distinctive structure so we approach in the hopes of treasure or information. There are monkey fighting snakes inside. Canan blows one up right away which gets them fighting us. Imogen gets poisoned (again). But it’s not hard to defeat the dangerous snakes. We dig through the ones that are left, but there doesn’t appear to be any treasure in here.

We notice a strange noise and realize that the city is currently inhabited by monkey men and that they’re loud. Three of them try to attack us. Once again, Canan blows something’s head off. Felix and Imogen uses their usual tactics to permanently remove another combatant. The last one runs, but we track him down and kill him and the three others he ran to for help. We decide to carry the monkey men heads in a net so that we can hopefully start scaring them away.

Wandering around the town a bit more we find a well surrounded by columns. And also four more monkey men. Boring. But one of the silly things had accidentally summoned a giant squid thing which is at least more interesting than they are. Not much more, since it’s quite easily defeated, but at least there’s treasure in the well. Monkey men don’t have much treasure. At the bottom of the well, when we’re looking for loot, we find a tunnel. Maybe it leads to Saventh-Yhi.

Or to an aquaduct. With a trap. Which summoned a water elemental. Curses!

Elementals are truly unpleasant. It is hard to hit and hits hard in return. But then it accidentally punches itself out and Imogen is able to kill it while it’s helpless. Our ridiculous luck pays off yet again. The Divine Bro loves us.



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