Imogen Cailean

Orphan, rogue, bro, quintessential adventurer


A bit about Imogen’s background and Felix’s as well.

One day a girl of about three was brought to an orphanage run by followers of Cayden Cailean. She was filthy, slightly undernourished, clutching a beautiful curve blade in a tattered scabbard, and only answered to the name of Imogen. She didn’t seem to know anything about where she had come from or who was responsible for her and the kindhearted soul who had brought her to the orphanage only knew that she’d been seen around the streets for several days. So she was written down on the rolls of the orphanage and began her life there.

Her years in the orphanage were pleasant and would have been uneventful had it not been for the trouble that she and her best friend, Felix, got into. The pair were constantly trying to have adventures to rival those of Cayden Cailean and tended to not be deterred by obstacles like curfews or personal safety. Perhaps the orphanage was a bit more happy than usual to see them go when the Ascension Day celebration that marked their sixteenth birthdays came and the pair went out into the world to seek their fortunes.

They wandered aimlessly about for a time; taking mercenary jobs that looked interesting and didn’t play too badly. Eventually they found themselves in The Shackles on a treasure hunt. The hunt didn’t exactly end well as the Pathfinder who was the expedition leader ran into some old enemies and wound up dead. Slightly stuck after that bit of misfortune, Imogen and Felix ended up working in a tavern in Port Peril. While there, the charming pair befriended one of their regular patrons, an elderly man named Gilman Leuvano, who claimed to be a former pirate. The two didn’t exactly believe him, but the evidence became a little more convincing when he presented them with his most prized possession, a treasure map.

The three immediately planned that Imogen and Felix should recover the treasure so that they could split it and leave Port Peril. It took some doing to get themselves safely there, but Imogen and Felix were very determined and eventually they made their way to the spot marked on the map. They were absolutely thrilled to discover a chest full of gold pieces. The two of them hurried back to Port Peril to share their good fortune with Gilman, only to discover that while they were gone the old man had died. With no further emotional or monetary reason to remain, Imogen and Felix decided to leave Port Peril and further explore the world. They boarded the Jenevieve and have been happily arguing over where to go next ever since.

Imogen Cailean

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