Shipwrecked! Then Jungle Hunt!

Jungle Hunt! An Epic Quest For A Lost City Starring Our Intrepid Heroes And Their Train Of Ducklings: Session Sixteen
We Gain a Halfling, Lose an Old Man And Break Another Curse

After the whole cock fight debacle, we overhear a storyteller talking about how he killed a bat with courage. When Felix questions him, he learns that the bat came from a cave near the shore in Eleder. We assume he annoyed Nkechi and are inclined to like him. Vakeese uses her cards to Harrow about him and doesn’t run away or suddenly attack him, so we figure we can hang with him. He’s a halfling named Aiden Abbott who’s looking for adventure and he’s pretty excited by the idea of Saventh-Yhi.

Old Man Caloway gets a message and discovers that he has some kind of family emergency, so he’ll leave us. His plan is to tame a big, flying dinosaur to catch up to us when he’s done. We are sad to see he and Dragon Snack go.

We wander away from the trader’s enclave and late that evening we find a small village who all seem super excited to see us. They invite us to a feast and it’s just a little too friendly, so Felix asks to talk to their shaman. In the process of asking for the shaman, Felix introduces himself as, “the Cursebreaker,” and gets them even more excited. We go to the feast and are not betrayed or eaten, but instead have a pleasant evening. Finally an old woman comes and explains the village’s curse. They are being attacked by ape bears that eat human brains.

We’re supposed to be in a hurry, but the shaman offers a shrunken head that helps to know the future and a treasure map. Those are items designed to get Vakeese, Felix and Imogen interested. She puts a goat blood rune on one of the huts and we establish an ambush.

Although we’re preparing for an ambush, Aiden and Imogen don’t actually see the ape bears coming so there’s an unfortunate surprise attack on Vakeese. But then Imogen gets to jump and sneak attack on one of them, so that’s fun. Also it turns out that Aiden can make people invisible. Yay! That pretty much handles one of them and Color Spray works finally, so Vakeese gets to kill one while it’s unconscious.

The shaman gives us our rewards and a bit more information about them. The shrunken monkey head is a Zenj spirit fetish. It will help Vakeese to destroy something evil. The treasure map will lead us to a sunken ship full of gold ingots that sunk in the Lake of Vanishing Armies. It’s just past Kalabuto on the path we will be following, so Felix and Imogen are psyched for future treasure finding. We spend the next couple of days of walking and using the shrunken monkey head to taunt Vakeese’s monkey, Mr. Bitey.

Two days after we leave this village we find weird, snaky mounds in the sand. Felix walks without rhythm. Imogen sees a snaky depression and tells people to avoid it, but Vakeese pokes at it with Mr. Pointy’s stick. She and Aiden fall into a burrow and we are all attacked by ankheggs. It is not a pleasant experience, but we do prevail.

Jungle Hunt! An Epic Quest For A Lost City Starring Our Intrepid Heroes And Their Train Of Ducklings: Session Fifteen
Traveling And A Cockfight Debacle

With Athyra and that bastard Tempest, our travel goes pretty smoothly for the next few days. We’re all pretty sure that it’s mostly because of Athyra. We are very spiteful to the Tempest and mock him relentlessly during this time.

As the road approaches the plains we find a trader’s camp. Some coughing dude, named Rickets, invites us to come to a cockfight. This triggers a stream of double entendres from Felix. Also, it triggers he and Vakeese’s desire to gamble so they head off to do so. Imogen eagerly grabs Markum, her sailor boy, and follows along. But Old Man Caloway chooses to sit in the non-animal cruelty section with Athyra (Yay!) and that bastard Tempest (Boo!).

Inevitably, Felix looses money on the cockfight and Vakesse wins. Vakeese wins quite a lot. The coughing dude gets mad, accuses her of cheating and refuses to pay out. Three guesses how that worked out for him. Color Spray for his thugs and a magic hammer chasing him down is the correct answer. One hit and he folds. Rickets hands over Vakeese’s winnings, plus an extra hundred gold so that we won’t come through here every again. We neglect to mention that we’ll probably travel back this way once we find the lost city. No need to worry him.

Jungle Hunt! An Epic Quest For A Lost City Starring Our Intrepid Heroes And Their Train Of Ducklings: Session Fourteen
Exploring A Damp, Creepy Mine And Ending Up With A Guide We Actually Like

We’re off to see the jungle and find the city of Savinth Ye. We have a rough map of the region and something of a plan. We will resupply in Kalabutu, which is near the theoretical halfway point of our journey, and will meet Cheiton, a dwarf contact of the Free Captains, at one of the popular pubs there. About five days out of Eleder, we realize that cutting through this conveniently placed abandoned salt mine might shave some time off of our journey. Vakeese does a Harrow reading to feel out our chances and we all feel like the salt mine is a pretty good plan.

However, before we can enter the mines, we are accosted by a young lady named Athyra, who does not want us to go into the mine. She says that it’s her place. Felix works some diplomancy on her and she tells us that her parents used to own this particular mine. One day, they went into the shaft and never came out. Then the angry dead came out and killed everyone else in the camp, but she ran away and hid in the woods and was raised by dinosaurs. We tell her that we’re going into the mine and she asks us if we could please get her father’s locket if we find his body. She says she can meet us on the other side of the mine. Which begs the question of why we don’t just let her lead us around the mine which would apparently take the same amount of time.

Before we go in, we look around the ruins of the mining camp. A log book found in one of the buildings reveals that the owner of the mine was trying to hook his tunnels onto an abandoned mine with a reputation for being haunted. When they broke through to the other tunnels they found a mysteriously glowing orb. Then things went straight to hell. He and his wife decided to take the payroll for safekeeping and head down into the mine to see what was going on. There were no further entries.

As we enter, we see that the mine is full of water. We also quickly notice some sort of ooze near the edge. There’s an unpleasant incident of Imogen getting acid slimed. But Felix is quick with the kills and good with the heals, so permanent damage is averted.

Further along we find the remains of a campsite, including two skeletal mule remains which Felix and Caloway believe might be undead mules. But instead the threat seems to be coming from under a bridge. The fight begins conventionally, but then Vakeese walks on water and grapples the undead and Imogen gets suddenly and horribly incompetent and cuts and blinds herself. She’s too depressed to even open the rusty lock box they found.

More salty wights further in, these ones try to bring the ceiling down on us as we go by. No one likes fighting in very narrow tunnels.

There are more of them hiding out and Vakeese gets caught alone as she goes for some old machinery and an official looking satchel. Luckily for the tiniest bro, Imogen is the only person getting hurt today. It wouldn’t even have been worth it, but the satchel did have some diamonds in it.

We finally find the big orb thing which is somewhat larger than we had imagined. It is partially broken and is no longer glowy. There are two undead figures hiding inside. The female is another salty wight and is easily slain. However, the male, who is glowing and appears to be Athyra’s father, calls himself the Blue Warrior and hit rather hard. But Old Man Caloway brought his exploding arrow skills and handles the situation. Then Felix breaks the orb with his positive vibes. We remove necklaces from both of Athyra’s parents: the locket she wanted back and a key which just might fit the lock box we found earlier. While Vakeese performs services for the dead, Imogen quickly opens the box. It contains the deed to the mine, naming Athyra owner, and the 500 gold from the payroll which we realize we will also turn over to her.

When we exit the mine, Athyra is already there and is very happy to receive the locket. She says that the coins are meaningless to her and tells us to keep them. We explain that she owns the mine now and can keep anyone she wants to out. We get her permission to bar the doors on this end so that no one else will be able to successfully use this shortcut. Felix takes a moment to write an insulting message on the inside of the doors just in case. Then she offers to come along and help us move quickly like she does. We all love this because Athyra is awesome and having her along pisses Nkechi off which is a bonus. Also, she and her pet dinosaur can make friends with Caloway and Dragon Snack.

Jungle Hunt! An Epic Quest For A Lost City Starring Our Intrepid Heroes And Their Train Of Ducklings: Session Thirteen
We Save A Day Of Travel By Getting A Guide And Waste Two Wooing The Bastard With Random Quests

Kassata thinks that we may need a native guide as we embark into the jungle. She recommends a local hermit named Nkechi, who also goes by the Tempest. He lives outside town in a cave in the Pallid Bluffs. We have to take a boat then walk through the surf to the base of the cliffs. Felix proves not to be particularly talented at this type of walking.

Then he and Vakeese spot some giant crabs, which we really kind of thought we were done fighting. Felix is forced to deny his essential nature and attack cautiously since he might get swept out to sea. Despite our handicaps, we defeat the crabs handily and then Old Man Caloway gets swamped which I hilarious. We still can’t tell how to get up to Nkechi or how to make him hear us, so we look around for conch shells to blow like horns.

Our horns finally get the hermit’s attention and a crazy haired, dark skinned guy appears on a ledge about 200 feet up and asks what our business is. As always we easily convince him of our niceness, so he undoes some traps and invites us up. We explain that we would like to hire him and he asks what our mission will do for Gozreh. We do not have a good answer for that. Then he gets all patronizing and asks us why we killed his crabs. Then he starts being all racist against us white people and says that we’ll be too incompetent to complete our mission. He says that we have to do tasks to convince him we’re worth his time. By this point Imogen is pretty pissed and says that we should just leave, but Vakeese pulls a Harrow card and informs us his presence is necessary.

So we begin with the Test of the Waves. We need to go pearl diving and come back with a black pearl, but without zombie pirates. There’s a village of native pearl divers reasonably near by and the frikken’ Tempest thinks we could go to them and get some tips and equipment. Thankfully, we’re charming so the people are helpful and not patronizing. Felix manages to trade some healing and a brief sermon for diving weights and floats. Also, we are warned that the water is dangerous if you stay in the same area for too long because of aquatic monsters.

We decide that Felix and Vakeese will stay in the boat while Caloway and Imogen go diving. It takes a couple of tries, but we finally get competent. Just about the time Caloway cuts himself recovering the oyster that turns out to hold the black pearl, some compelling green bitch comes along and tries to seduce him. He resists and Vakeese responds by stepping out of the boat, hovering above the water. Unfortunately, this causes the kelpie to go after her and the tiniest bro gets grabbed. The kelpie drags her underwater, so Imogen charges in and dives for the kill. Once the kelpie is dead, she also notices her lair and swims down to investigate. Imogen’s curiosity is rewarded by the sight of a skeletal hand, still wearing a very expensive and easily removed opal ring.

We return to Nkechi who calls us, “less useless than [he] had imagined.” Then he sends us off for the Test of the Air.

We have to waste time walking a day or so along the coast to the promontory called Gozreh’s Crest where we will find the nest of Chirok the stormbird. We need to get back to the frikken’ Tempest with one intact feather and he does not wish us to damage the bird. It’s raining really hard which makes Felix bitter because he is unagile on slippery rocks and Vakeese bitter because there are no visible stars. We swear that bastard Nkechi called the storm on purpose.

We find the nest and manage to find a feather quickly enough to avoid the giant, slightly magical bird. Then we get questioned by some tribe who are afraid we might have bothered their blasted sacred animal. Luckily, Imogen is quite good at obfuscation.

Then we head back to Nkechi who invites us in so he can “authenticate” the items. Having done so he performs some creepy, dancy crap which also involves drawing symbols on our unwilling foreheads and offering us hallucinogenic roots. Vakeese flat our refuses, but Felix eats them so of course Imogen follows and Caloway also joins in for some unknown reason. Unfortunately, Felix and Caloway fight off the effects, so only Imogen gets stuck in the form of a spirit lion listening to bastard face the spirit crab drone on about stuff she already knows. Including the following stunning revelations:
There’s a long journey and ahead and other people are trying to beat us there.
There will be an unveiling of an ancient city.
There’s darkness in the city and storm clouds on the horizon.

Then poor Imogen gets attacked by a giant snake. No swords or sneak attack in this stupid dream world. So Imogen tries to fight back like a lion and Nkechi the crab apparently kept his powers and tries to shoot him with lightning. Imogen gets her groove on and bites the snake’s head off. When we come out of the dream, Nkechi informs us that Yderseus is involved, something else we already knew, and that Gozreh needs him to come along and help us. We now question his worth to us, but he tells us he’s coming along whether we want him to or not. So, yay, we have a bigoted, obnoxious guide.

Jungle Hunt! An Epic Quest For A Lost City Starring Our Intrepid Heroes And Their Train Of Ducklings: Session Twelve
Everyone Loves Adventure But No One Wants To Go Themselves

So after a few days in Eleder, we realize that it may have been a mistake to have Gelick help us with deciphering the inscriptions in the Temple. Everyone has heard that we know the way to get to Savinth Ye and everyone wants us to work for them. It would appear that some of our fellow castaways are using our info and their connection with us as a way back in to their various organizations.

Initially Felix is a little bit swayed by the offer of Sasha and her hot assassin friend. But then he realizes that the Red Manis assassins worship and evil mantis god, and that they want to go to Savinth Ye to bring their god back or make it more powerful or something. We do not think that is a good idea. We also aren’t real swayed by the offer from Ishirou’s friends in the merchant consortium or by the “offer” from the governor of Sargava, particularly since he’s Chellish. But we do like the sound of working for the Pathfinders, especially since the Pathfinder we meet is a total badass and very unGelick. Of course, we also like Aerys’ friend Kassata, who’s a member of the Free Captains of the Shackles.

Felix has realized that he rather enjoys Sasha’s company, and he’s a little bit concerned about her now that he’s bothered to find out that the Red Mantis god is evil. So he meets with her privately and actually convinces her to come with us. Go Felix!

We talk it out and argue a bit and pull out the Harrow deck and eventually decide to work with the Free Captains. Kassata tells us that she’ll recruit four buccaneers to come with us and help us out. Imogen requests at least one young, hot male who is up for some fun. The eight of us will be the advance scouting party and she will follow with Aerys and Sasha and the main party.

For the next couple of weeks, we’re getting ready by getting our party on and trying to keep Felix from gambling away all of his money and Kassata is doing all the work of organizing the expedition. One day, we’re heading back toward the warehouse that’s our headquarters when we get attacked by dogs. It’s all very confusing and there’s some kind of riot or something. But we see some crazy dude kidnap Aerys and that pretty much makes up our mind about what we should do.

We follow the crazy dude and try to figure out what’s going on. These guys are apparently some kind of group of freed slaves who try to fight for more freedom and keep from being recaptured since Sargava is technically under the control of Chelliax. We’re not quite sure why we’re being hassled by them, but we’ll figure it out once Aerys is safe. We fight out way in to the compound they’ve taken over and it’s tricky, but we corner their crazed and maniacal leader on the roof where he’s threatening to kill Aerys in front of the gathered crowd. It is not fun, but we manage to take him down.

It turns out that there’s some kind of crazy rumor about us using what we find in Savinth Ye to retake a bunch of slaves and cause a lot of trouble. Felix and Imogen are totally pissed since Cayden Cailean hates slavery and Felix gives a very stirring speech to the crown explaining why this guy was an idiot. It goes over pretty well and he even manages to get a couple of converts.

Once all the excitement is over, Kassata thanks us for our help and introduces us to our buccaneers: Shanda, Lars, Evir and Markum. Lars looks like he’s about Imogen’s type so she’s pretty excited. There’s some stuff that needs to be replaced or repaired after all the rioting and nonsense, but it’s only a day or two more before the advance guard is ready to set off for adventure.

Shipwrecked! A Tale of Destiny and Woe on a (Mostly) Deserted Island: Session Eleven
The Island Is Freed Of Cannibals And Curses And The Next Part Of The Plot Is Revealed

After we rest off our damage and regain some spells, we start analyzing the carvings. That bitch was making rubbings and had writing and scrolls of reference scattered around. Felix thinks the knowledge is probably valuable and worth our time. Caloway figures he won’t be too helpful, so he does more blood ritualing and recovers his bow from the inner sanctum. He also finds and opens a hidden drawer which triggers a Glyph of Warding. So Caloway got turned into a hideous bat creature and he’d keep it that way, only it’s also agonizingly painful and he feels really hungry. Luckily, Felix hears his screams of pain and goes through the ritual and back into the room to save him. He manages to dispel the effect and he and Caloway loot the drawer and return to the main room of the Temple.

Imogen compares Ieana’s records to the inscriptions to make sure that we have a complete record of all the carvings and the knowledge that bitch put so much effort into acquiring. It takes most of the rest of the day. In the mean time, Felix figures out he can channel positive energy into the bleeding altar to destroy it. There’s a pretty impressive reaction and we feel inexplicably lighter, like the curse on the island has been lifted. We explore the rest of the Temple, find more carvings and destroy some skeletal priests.

We bring Gelick in to help us get the rest of the rubbing off the Temple walls, especially after we find the scriptorum. We also need Jask and Felix to help by casting Comprehend Language, but after a few days we learn about the ancient worship of Zura. This temple to Zura was built on top of a temple to a deity the Zurans only refer to as the Beheaded One who was their enemy. We extrapolate that Ydersius was the Beheaded One. Zura was the bat-winged woman statue at the head of the Temple of Blood. She was the patron goddess of demons and cannibals. The alcoves mention that the serpentfolk here all came from Savinth Ye, a famous and almost mythical lost city in the Mwangi Expanse. When the regular serpentfolk fled from Savinth Ye and ended up on Smuggler’s Shiv the Zurans followed them. They fought and the Zurans won. They kept trying to become vampires so they could return to Savinth Ye and take it over with Zura’s vampiric blessing. It appears that that bitch was trying to find Savinth Ye, probably for some bitchy, nefarious purpose.

Imogen and Felix think we should go find Savinth Ye and take the city. It would be an awesome adventure. They want to build a big temple to their ultimate bro, Cayden Cailean, and make a lot of booze money off the tourists.

By the time we’re done in the Temple, Pezock’s work on the lighthouse has successfully snagged us a ship. Captain Tergerten of the whaler Red Gull thinks he can finagle enough space to get all of us back to civilization. He’s pretty amazed that we survived and impressed by our tales of success.

We land in Eleder, the capital of Sargava and pay Captain Tergerten for our passage. The two creepy, doll heart rubies turn out to have souls in them, so we turn them over to the temple of Pharasma to be properly cared for. There’s a lot of selling and buying and buying and selling. Imogen saves a tiny bro from a potentially disastrous life of thievery and turns him over to the temple of Cayden Cailean to be made awesome. Felix talks to the priest at the temple of that Ultimate Bro and decided to leave off his greatsword for a more defensive mace and shield. Caloway and Vakeese put a lot of time and money into becoming significantly more epic.

Shipwrecked! A Tale of Destiny and Woe on a (Mostly) Deserted Island: Session Ten
That Bitch Ieana And The Temple Of Doom

We head back toward the Temple end of the island, but from the shore it looks like the doors are submerged again. We all bleed on the pillars and carry the water we need in Vakeese’s helmet. Old Man Caloway handles the snake and the ritual succeeds. It also succeeds in deafening Imogen and Vakeese. Ouch.

Then as we’re heading across the nearly empty bay we get jumped by a shark. None of us can figure out a way to jump it. Caloway kills it anyway. Vakeese performs a small aquatic show in a convenient waterfall. Then we inevitably explore a shipwreck. Vakeese gets hailed from within the half-flooded cabin. Some sort of underwater living creature lives in this ship and, as the captain, he’s rather upset about the damnably low tides. He and Vakeese bond a bit with the assistance of Felix’s alcohol. He warns us about the scary doors up ahead and mentions having seen a strange looking lady.

We wander blithely into the Temple anyway, and we are not quiet about it. So skeletal serpentfolk are waiting on a balcony to throw javelins at us. We’re pretty helpless until they run out of javelins and are forced to come down and kill us face to face. Then they get beat down.

We’re just wandering the Temple, getting lost when we find a trapdoor. It takes quite a bit of work to open it, and once it’s open we get attacked by creepy, little bone dolls. They aren’t actually undead so Vakeese’s Cure Light spell turns out to actually be a little inconvenient. We defeat them anyway and Imogen steals their tiny daggers. We pull out the necromancy holding rubies that were the dolls’ creepy hearts and Vakeese pockets them to keep them from causing any more trouble. From here it’s a dead end, so we retrace our steps back to the main room and take another door.

We find some pit traps and Imogen finds the kind of traps that she’s good at disabling. Then there’s the room with the creepy blood pool and swinging scythe blades. But, despite all the obstacles, we finally arrive at the creepy blood river room at the heart of the Temple.

We enter and discover that Ieana who is actually a snake lady and who we are not at all surprised to find in the creepiest room in the whole creepy Temple. She seems inclined to monologue, but we’re just ready to attack. She yells a true villain classic, “You dare to attack me,” and Imogen is all, “I dare to attack everyone bitch.” Then Imogen and Caloway are epic a lot. But the bitch Dominates Imogen and Vakeese gets fatigued by a lucky skeletal minion hit. Felix and Caloway are struggling a bit. Maybe a lot. Dragon Snack has to take Imogen down to ensure that she doesn’t actually kill anyone with one of her sneak attack charges. OMG that took a long time.

Felix and Caloway get the bitch on the ropes once Vakeese gets some of her minions Color Sprayed. Then that bitch does some creepy thing where she drips her hand in the river of blood and smears it on the mouth of one of the statues. She turns gaseous and gets away through some little hole in the ceiling, leaving Imogen Dominated. Felix is amazing and refuses to let her get away if it means losing his bro, so he and Caloway copy her movements and also get a gaseous form to follow her through the ceiling. She’s not getting away; she’s just got some creepy priestess hideaway in a tiny secret room. They put serious effort into smashing her face until she flees again back into the main room of the Temple. This time she stays gaseous, but Caloway kills her by having a magic weapon.

Imogen is free. That bitch is dead. And we are all exhausted and spell tapped.

Shipwrecked! A Tale of Destiny and Woe on a (Mostly) Deserted Island: Session Nine
An Apology From Captain Crazypants And A History Lesson

It turns out that the pit next to the lighthouse leads into a creepy, narrow underground cave system. Second cave in we find some disgusting, pussy, disease ridden undead. They spray puss out at us when we hit, but luckily we mostly have large enough weapons to avoid the splatter. There are some alcoves where it looks like some kind of transformative spells were performed. It appears that some undead were created here.

We find a bit of leather armor which has a note written on it in blood. The captain of the Jenivere was apparently betrayed by that lady, Ieana, who he says was some kind of snake demon hiding in a lady body. His note is all kinds of apologetic and emo. He’s been turned into some kind of undead down here and he begs whoever finds the note to come find him and kill him. We decide to do so. He also apologizes to us for ruining our lives, not realizing how awesome and fun they have become since we landed here.

We end up chasing some of those annoying aquatic ghoul things who almost killed Old Man Caloway when we were treasure hunting. Then a smart one with boobs shows up and says she’ll be our mother if we let her bite us and make us immortal. Imogen and Felix might really wish for mothers, but they don’t want a mother who is an ugly ho like her. Unpleasant paralysis ensues, but we win and steal her magical ring and necklace.

We do some more exploring, kill some more ghouly things and eventually wander into an evil, twisted cathedral. It’s covered with carvings of serpentfolk being sinister and someone has piled up skeletons to looks like a big snake. At the other end of the room is a big door carved to look like it’s inside a serpent’s mouth. There’s a pile of ash in front of the door and some evidence that that bitch Ieana was here. As we’re investigating the door, we get attacked my more ghoulies which we quickly dispatch. One of them does appear to have been our former captain so that’s his mission accomplished. We also try to take the bodies out of their statue form and lay them out respectfully.

Caloway opens the door and we find an altar. There’s also a carving of a ritual that would lower the waves and cast down the enemies of whoever performs it. It’s not quite evil, but it is rather creepyish. The description of the ritual makes us think that someone, probably that bitch Ieana, did the ritual yesterday. With Gelick, Jask and Aerys’ help we also learn that this tribe of serpentfolk was overrun by some kind of wicked invaders.

Shipwrecked! A Tale of Destiny and Woe on a (Mostly) Deserted Island: Session Eight
Rescuing Castaways (Again) And Fighting Cannibals (Over And Over Again)

As we walk up toward the cannibal camp we can’t help but notice that they’ve gotten some prisoners, namely our fellow castaways. Our first priority is to get them free and into the jungle, where they should be able to take care of themselves. Success!

The rest of this pretty much boils down to fighting a lot of cannibals. Some outside, some inside, and some foolishly bunched up in a doorway for so long with no way to let Vakeese in on the action that she got bored and went outside to start a fire. We killed a witch who was a part of the village, but wasn’t the “Mother Thrunefang” we’d heard about. Vakeese has decided to keep her monkey.

Over the next few days, we clean out the village, start the castaways to getting the lighthouse set up and decide to explore the strange pit in the middle of the camp.

(Sorry guys. I was too busy fighting to take good notes.)

Shipwrecked! A Tale of Destiny and Woe on a (Mostly) Deserted Island: Session Seven
Chupacabra! (Plus An Attempt By Two Of The More Impulsive Members Of The Party To Perform An Evil Ritual)

Wandering south the next day, we find yet another tripwire which Imogen is able to carefully set off with the peg leg we picked up from a dead pirate. We meet another fork in the path and are stumped, so we ask the Harrow cards what we should do. The cards encourage us to continue east and do our duty. Near the end of our adventuring day, Vakeese and Caloway spot the signs of a den. We find a lair that appears to be empty. Then something ambushes the living daylights out of Imogen, but she and Felix are brosome and kill it epically.

That night as we’re setting up camp, we hear wings in the dark again. And to make the creepy experience complete, a goat which has been drained of blood and chewed on gets dropped into our fire. Ewwwwwwwwww.

As we start out the next day, Caloway sees signs of another of those sparking lizards which are apparently known as shiv dragons. We hope to be able to take it down easily, but there turns out to be two and they execute a pincer maneuver. Luckily Vakeese’s Color Spray is effective in removing a threat. Late at night we carefully cross a creaky rope bridge and find ourselves heading up to the top of the low mountain where we have decided to camp out.

The next afternoon, as we look out over the island, everyone but Imogen manages to see the ruins of the lighthouse we heard about and what looks like a small but still used ramshackle camp surrounding the base. Also at the mouth of the river we crossed last night there are four monoliths and a ruined temple on the other side of the river. We also notice some shipwrecks we haven’t seen yet. And the mountain we’re standing on appears red like it’s been stained with blood. We aren’t sure what to tackle first and the Harrow deck doesn’t provide much guidance, so we decide to tackle the nearest first and head for the monoliths.

There’s a serpentish rune carved on the inside of each of the four monoliths, facing a small pyramid in the center. The pyramid has an indentation in the top and channels run down the four side into a trough surrounding the base. It’s terribly magical, even Imogen can feel it. Felix thinks that if the correct ritual were performed you could shift the surrounding terrain somehow.

We’re busy standing around deciding what to do when we hear wings overhead and then are suddenly confronted by a chupacabra. We get ridiculously lucky when Vakeese takes it down with a Color Spray, and we kill it before it has a chance to recover. There’s a sort of a path down to the chupacabra’s lair on the beach. It looks like people were sacrificing things to it so it wouldn’t eat them. In the nest we find more bodies of all kinds and a small hoard.

From the beach we can see across the river to the Temple. It looks like the doors are partially submerged and there will be no way to open them. Imogen remembers that the monoliths and pyramid might have some power over the local terrain. She wants to attempt to trigger the spell and Vakeese is very encouraging. Old Man Caloway is against it and Felix flat out begs her not to do it. Vakeese pulls out the Harrow deck and the cards seem to say go for it. It doesn’t work, but nothing bad happens either.

We decide to walk around the coast and check out the last few shipwrecks. There’s some camping somewhere in there. First we find the Scarred Maiden, an unhaunted ship which still contains a little bit of treasure. Yay! Later on the Crimson Angel, Felix falls through the deck and doesn’t even find any treasure for his trouble. Mocking ensues. On the slave ship we don’t find any treasure or trouble from angry slave ghosts.

The cards determine that we will follow the coast to the lighthouse and the cannibal village. We find a pair of shiv dragons creeping through the underbrush, obviously trying to ambush us. Shenanigans involving Color Spray and greatsword wielding clerics who crit ensue.

We note that we are getting close to the cannibal camp, so we decide to clear our escape route of any threats before we go in. We’re searching around and find a little cave that we wander by pretty unsuspectingly. Suddenly we are shot by a lot of arrows. Some little hyena things swarm out of the cave and we prepare to fight. Felix learns that the magical javelin he got from the chupacabra’s lair was a Javelin of Lightning. It was awesome when he fried the pugwumpies, but it’s gone now.


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